‘Marking Histories’ Discontents: Frontier Imaginaries’ ‘Trade Markings’’, un Magazine

Marking Histories’ Discontents: Frontier Imaginaries Edtion No. 5, ‘Trade Markings’, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, 7 April — 1 July 2018

Frontier Imaginaries is a roving art and research platform founded by Amsterdam-based and Brisbane-raised curator Vivian Ziherl. Dedicated to studying the frontier in the global era, Ziherl emphasises that ‘the frontier is not a border.’ Rather, it is better understood as a threshold, beyond which what exists is ontologically different to where the perceiver is located. In colonial contexts the frontier distinguishes between civilised and uncivilised territories, like the North American notion of the ‘Wild West’ or in Australia what is often referred to as ‘the Bush,’ territories over which settlers’ have long sought to exert control.

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Installation view, L-R: Gordon Hookey, ‘Murriland! #1’ 2016; Farida Sedoc, ‘Move on over or we’ll move on over you’ 2018 and ‘Grass Roots’ 2018; Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu, ‘History of Zaire’ 1973–1974. Photo: Marcel de Buck.

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