RealTime: ‘Art versus the war against Nature’

Photo: Artúr van Balen / Tools for Action
My report from Paris COP21 for RealTime, re-titled as ‘Art versus the war against Nature’ is now online.
The second week of COP21 was notable for the influx of activists from around the world, arriving in anticipation of the December 12, ‘D12’ day of action . Daily activist training and ‘speed-dating’ sessions organised by Coalition Climat 21 helped strangers ‘buddy-up’ and ultimately took thousands of potential demonstrators through exercises concerned with spatial awareness and quick consensus decision-making, advised them on what to do if sprayed with tear gas and about what to say—or rather not say—if arrested. Despite the real consequences of defying the state-of-emergency laws, it was difficult not to become swept up in this sociable choreography of disobedience.

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